Featured research and papers related to games and interactive media:

Debugging Game History: A Critical Lexicon
Henry Lowood, Raiford Guins
MIT Press, exp. 2015

A Biotic Game Design Course
Nate Cira, Alice Chung, Aleksandra K. Denisin, Stefano Rensi, Gabriel Sanchez, Stephen Quake, Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
PLoS Biology (2015)

Trap it! : A Playful Human-Biology Interaction for a Museum Installation
Seung Ah Lee, Engin Bumbacher, Alice M. Chung, Nate Cira, Byron Walker, Ji Young Park, Barry Starr, Paulo Blikstein, and Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
CHI (2015)

Tangible interactive microbiology for informal science education
Seung Ah Lee, Alice Chung, Nate Cira, Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
TEI’15 (2015) 273

The Lures of Software Preservation,” Preserving.exe: Toward a National Strategy for Software Preservation
Henry Lowood
(Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, Oct. 2013)

Validity evidence for Surgical Improvement of Clinical Knowledge Ops: a novel gaming platform to assess surgical decision making
Dana Lin MD, Julia Park MD, Cara Liebert MD, James Lau MD
Department of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

Septris: A Novel, Mobile, Online, Simulation Game That Improves Sepsis Recognition and Management
Kambria H. Evans MEd, William Daines MD, Jamie Tsui, Matthew Strehlow MD, Paul Maggio MD, Lisa Shieh MD PhD
Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Scientific rigor through videogames.
Treuille, A. and Das, R.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences (2014) 39: 507-509.

RNA design rules from a massive open laboratory
Lee, J., Kladwang, W., Lee, M., Cantu, D., Azizyan, M., Kim, H., Limpaecher, A., Yoon, S., Treuille, A., Das, R., and EteRNA Participants
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (2014) 111:2122-2127.

The Machinima Reader
Henry Lowood, Michael Nitsche
Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press (2011).

Video Games in Computer Space: The Complex History of Pong
Henry Lowood
IEEE Annals in the History of Computing (July-Sept. 2009): 5-19.

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