As one of our initiatives is to connect and culture community around games and interactive media on campus we have listed several resources related to play, game development and interactive media here at Stanford. If you have an event or activity you’d like to include on this page do not hesitate to contact us!

Virtual Reality Human Interaction Lab

The VHIL VR Lab integrates technology that can stimulate three of the human senses at once —spatialized sound, virtual touch (haptics), and three-dimensional imagery. The lab features cutting edge equipment for tracking motion, rendering graphics, and displaying visual, aural, and haptic information. Kornberg Associates Architects have collaborated with Worldviz LLC, the world’s leading virtual reality … Continue reading Virtual Reality Human Interaction Lab

How They Got Game Project

The aim of the How They Got Game research project is to document, preserve and explore the history and cultural impact of new interactive media, specifically, interactive simulations and video games.  The many initiatives undertaken by the How They Got Game Project include The Machinima Archive and the Archiving Virtual Worlds collection hosted by the Internet Archive;  … Continue reading How They Got Game Project

Stanford Gaming Society

The Stanford Gaming Society (SGS) exists to help gamers have fun playing games. It is your campus resource for table top role playing, live action role playing, collectible card games, strategy board games, and war games. Welcome aboard, and if you have any questions, please let us know! Thanks, and enjoy! If you have your … Continue reading Stanford Gaming Society