Parvati Dev, Interactive Media for Healthcare Professionals.

Pavarti Dev is the President and CEO of Innovation in Learning Inc  She presented many high-quality simulations that her company created for medical students to practice admitting patients, train on sterile technique and be certified as an EMT. The simulation scored students for certification, but Pravati pointed out that students were also socialized professionally in the simulation.  Because players could talk to each other and move their 3D avatars around the rooms, they learned as much about how to behave and talk to patients (and each other) as they learned about techniques, patient diagnosis and triage.  Learning sterile technique required careful adherence to a procedure, and a woman in the audience remarked that being reminded when a step was missed in the procedure would be as helpful, maybe more helpful, when actually performing the procedure on a patient.  Pravati acknowledged that enabling this kind of checklist automation on a mobile device would be a natural next step.  Another woman with a sign-language translator suggested that these simulations would provide an excellent occasion for sensitivity training for medical staff working with patients with disabilities.